100 complete beginner Japanese sentences & phrases

This lesson is for complete Japanese beginners or you might find it useful to review & prep before you travel to Japan so that  you have a few common courtesy phrases that you can say to people. It starts out with the absolute basics like hello in Japanese (Konnichiwa) and runs for more than hour ending on words like ‘when is your birthday’ or ‘my phone number is…’ or ‘can I take a picture’, all covered as Japanese phrases. If this seems overwhelming, you may want to check out this lesson on how to remember vocabulary. You can subscribe to their videos here.

Most frequently used Japanese phrases (100)

This is a useful video for beginners as it covers 100 of the most frequently used Japanese phrases. Learning groups of words together like this is one of the smartest ways to get started learning any language because you immediately gain a lot of utility from what you learn – using a complete phrase – as opposed to just a long list of vocabulary. Subscribe to their videos here.