Learn how to read Japanese Kanji beginner lesson

Here’s a nice lesson for starting to learn Japanese Kanji that’s designed for beginners. The video title seems to indicate that this can be done in 45 minutes. While we’re pretty sure that you’ll be studying it for much longer, at least this will give you a good overview of the basics Kanji letters in Japanese and how best to learn them. Once you master the basics, you may want to check out our previous video that was flashcard Kanji practice for Japanese. You should subscribe to their videos here.

How to talk about school and grades in Japan

If you want to talk about schools and grades in Japanese then this video is for you. It is yet another high-quality lesson from Learn Japanese from Zero and you can subscribe to their videos here. The videos covers a lot of the essential vocabulary needed for talking about school life in Japan and the kanji needed to write it. If this is too advanced then you can use this video to start learning Kanji.

How to start learning Kanji (Japanese)

When starting out with the Japanese language you can spend a good amount of time just using your native language but at a certain point you’ll probably ask yourself, “How do I start learning Kanji”? This video is a solid explanation and lesson for the best way to start with Japanese Kanji so that you don’t get tripped up or slowed down by common mistakes that many new learners might make. You can subscribe to his other videos here.