How to say excess or that something is excessive in Japanese

Here’s another solid lesson that focuses on how you say excess or something is excessive in Japanese from Learn Japanese from Some Guy who should follow here. In this lesson he explains how to use すぎる to say that something is extreme or excessive. He also covers how to use with both verbs, conjugations and adjectives, even how to use in the negative form. Another lesson that that you might want to use with this one is linked at the end of this sentence so that you can say if this extreme is good or bad in Japanese.

How to say good and bad in Japanese – video lesson

Hopefully you won’t ever need the opening sentence example from this video which is “My Japanese is bad” and instead you can focus on how to say things are good. This video covers a variety of words and phrases related to being good or bad at things and also explains the differences between 上手 (jouzu), 下手 (heta), 得意 (tokui) and 苦手 (nigate) . You should subscribe to her other videos here.  You might also want to say “I think” in Japanese.

Verbs like to start and to end in Japanese

When you first start learning Japanese you might be using more set phrases than building complete sentences on your own. This lesson covers an important topic which is how to start and how to end sentences and verbs. This is similar to transitive words in Japanese so if you’re looking for that you will probably also find this one useful. You can subscribe to their videos here. If you like the teacher from this lesson you may also enjoy their video about how to start learning Kanji.

How to introduce yourself in Japanese

When you first start learning, you may want to know how to introduce yourself in Japanese. This video covers some basic grammar by discussing & breaking down three different ways to greet people in Japan. While this may not be the most important part of your learning, it can go a long way for getting friendlier treatment from the people you do meet in Japan. You may then also want to learn how to be polite. Watch their other videos here.

How to talk about school and grades in Japan

If you want to talk about schools and grades in Japanese then this video is for you. It is yet another high-quality lesson from Learn Japanese from Zero and you can subscribe to their videos here. The videos covers a lot of the essential vocabulary needed for talking about school life in Japan and the kanji needed to write it. If this is too advanced then you can use this video to start learning Kanji.

Learn Japanese using a Pokémon game

If you’re looking to mix up your Japanese lessons, here’s a lesson that is tied to the a Pokémon game. It goes slow and shows you how to play the game as well as translating all of the instructions & dialogues from Japanese-to-English. You’ll probably pick up some new vocabulary that you won’t get from textbooks. You may also be interested in some of the most frequently used Japanese phrases. You can subscribe to their videos here.

How to start learning Kanji (Japanese)

When starting out with the Japanese language you can spend a good amount of time just using your native language but at a certain point you’ll probably ask yourself, “How do I start learning Kanji”? This video is a solid explanation and lesson for the best way to start with Japanese Kanji so that you don’t get tripped up or slowed down by common mistakes that many new learners might make. You can subscribe to his other videos here.

Most frequently used Japanese phrases (100)

This is a useful video for beginners as it covers 100 of the most frequently used Japanese phrases. Learning groups of words together like this is one of the smartest ways to get started learning any language because you immediately gain a lot of utility from what you learn – using a complete phrase – as opposed to just a long list of vocabulary. Subscribe to their videos here.